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  • Guido Borghetti

interviewed by Dan Ghetu



1.Good evening ! At last , over here is evening now , and if I tell you that I live near the Transylvanian place , you might be pretty terrified then , am I right , eheh ? What are your impression in front of a message from Carpathia ?

A.I have thought:" wow! from the land of Dracula, could be some descendant..."

2 .Palace Of Worms is a weel known label now ,but I think that a little light over the first years of your work will not be too bad can you remember the first years ; how start all ?

A.After 10 years in the music business , working in record shops and like a DJ in a radio station , in the 1984 I started to work in small label as a sound engineer.The sound of the label was "dark ambient" , a la Cold Meat Industry.After heard a tribute to Death In June tape compilation , I proposed to the label a similar project , I was a great fan of them ; all accepted my proposal , but after one year , thisproject was standstill , so I started to work in the first release of my personal label and that was : the "Heilige Tod" a tribute comp. toDeath In June.

3 .Have you any nostalgic feelings for that periode?

A . No, usually I haven't nostalgia for the past, I'm always looking to the future and I think that the better is coming............

4. What was there the most important of moment of breakthrough in your activities ?

A . The most important thing for my label happen every day, because every day somepeople contact me from all over the world,and this is great for me , it's great to know that a korean people enjoy my releases and is better to know the day after that a mexican is crazy for POW..........and that in Transilvania someone play my music on the radio.

5. I was always wondered if is there a difference (maybe even a small one) between the way there are release the esatern interviews and the west ones ? Can you confirme or infirme my opinion ?

A . I think all the world is the same, ther are good and bad journalists, from east to west,moreover I just have interviews from Russia ,Balcan or ex sovietic countries, it seems that there is a great interest about my label in the european east, after many years of submission seems that east europeans want recover the lost time.

6. As everybody knows , Italy have an great scene of dark-ambient ,goth or post-industrial sonics ; what can you tell me about the independent scene in Italy ?

A.Now there isn't an independent scene in Italy ; lately , all the independent italian labels have sold to the major except 4-5 ; and these 4-5 labels works only for themselves without any cooperation .Moreover , Palace Of Worms isn't a very italian label ; for the example , in the compilations , only about 20% of the bands involved are italian and the first two and the last full Cds are only from american dark-wave and ambient bands.More , in this moment I am speaking with other bands for possible releases and no one is italian .Well , that might tell you something about the italian independent scene.

7 .Is it easy to be an independent musician in Italy.?

A.Palace Of Worms don't work for money ; we only want to cover our costs.In this case it's easy to be in existence , but the most great problem for us is the honesty;you can choose a lot of distributors in every countries , but normally they sales your Cds and then they don't pay them back to you;it's a murder and this fact have the opposite effect for all.

8.The death and the sex seems to like each other in these years !Announce that a new morality ?

A....sex is better than death.......which new morality ? it's only appearance that someone want let us know

9.An obscure mystic russian theolog,by his name Pavel Florenski said once that the man - all his life - is looking after someone or something to pray at.To be only so small a man ?

A .Yes I'm agree......but I don't know if it's all right , I am ,yes, a free entity WITH self respect...!

10 .And by the way,can you tell me some writers that influents your thinking and life? Do you have a predilection over the romanric periode or maybe the contemporany one ?

A. Hmm... do you know Macchiavelli? Well , and Steven King is great too......ahaha.....since I don't like read very much......I'm son of television age !

11 .You agree with Goethe when he said :"the romantic goes,the classic remain"! He seems to be a little to idealist , don't you think , heh ? At last , how many of the modern people can pronunce these words in this moment ?

A . Remain only what you want that remain , nothing is important beyond , it' simply like that !

12. Is there a archetypal image that you want to see it through your music ?

A. Yes, I want create in you a feeling but the wonderful thing is that the image changes changing the listener and sometime change day after day in the same listener........great!

13."Haereticare potero,sed haereticus non ero"(this might be translated in "It might happen to me to make an eresy,even if I'am not an eretic"!!).What I want to ask you is if during your life you did do a so huge mistake to could call you now an "eretic"?

A . Sometimes eretic was people that only was speaking about their thoughts, in this case yes I could be an eretic...I really love the truth but I think to don't hate nobody or nothing......Schopenhauer said this against religions, I don't believe in any religious I only believe in me but I like let the people free to believe in what they want...!

14 . How looks the political scene of Italy ? Have you any interes in politics ?

A . Since the political scene of Italy is always the same in these last 50 years, all promise but noboby remember their promises when are in the palace, for this reason I haven't interest in political organisations in these last 10 years....I'm searching to live well without get angry.......sound egoistic but we will speak about in the 2010 and you will agree with me . More , I don't know well the political situation of your country, but I believe that we must think to a UNITED STATES OF EUROPA instead to divide a nation . This is my opnion on politics !

15 . What about the communist system ? We know well how the red plague eat the dignity and the pride of one's nation , being under the sign of the Red for more than 50 years now ! You belive that we can draw a line between the communist system and the right-wing one ?

A. Hm , you are right , but if you were 15 years under fascist or nazism it was the same , because in all the cases (communism or nazism , we saw in their concepts only the extreme side. Moreover , I'am sorry to say to you , but in the democarcy is the same , only that the leaders hide better... !

16. The Occident say to us that we urgently must forget the past if we want to be near them , near the modern world ... why that , because they don't need that nations have an own national identity...is that democracy ?

A. Well , you must not forget the past , the past give us great lessons , but , instead you must forget the hate that were lurking in the past.

17.In our country the iron-quardistic front,so to speak was formed only by intelectuals,the greatest men of culture that Romania (and even the Balkans,ever have!!)ever have,intellectuals that now are considered national values . Philosophs , doctors (with Nobel-prizes),poets,artists,writers,priests,theologs,etc.So,are we right to speak about the elitist extreme?I mean,always the intelectuals will be on the extreme side,cause the elite isn't compatible with the mass...

A.If you are in the extreme side you are not compatible with the mass and your actions will be not understant......if you want do changes you need that the mass follow you, it's too easy to be an idealist and say :" the others don't understan me"

18.This year we have an war within our mother Europe,an war that was given between the occidental inexistent values (excepting the hamburger and the country music,he,he!)and the european-balkanian tradition and hystory.It's this a sign?Must we see it as a sign?On the other hand,we might say that the war was given between the religious tradition and the islamic one! In what way was seen the war from that part of the world?

A.At last the reason of all the wars is money! you can think to religious traditions, black or white,good and bad, but at last, maybe after many years, you will know that was all for the money, we have just saw the old wars and also for the balkan war is the same and now in Caucausus another time..........only economic reason !

19. How do you see the enormous ascension from the last few years of the american bastard imperium ? How much time do you think that it will stand straight ?

A . I have many friends that lives in the american imperium and seems that in these last years american economy goes very well, there are always some problems but sure many of them are solved, for example job is not a big problem,life is more easy now for a lot of people that until 5-7 years ago was in economic crisis, are we sure that we want this end? whic is the alternative?at the moment seems that capitalistic system is the lonely that could give us some future, you have see better than me the communist system...........we are going to a global system, hope every county will have a right exposition, will be hard but the lonely thing we can do is not subject to another thought but join with this thought.

20.What about the so-called globalisation ? Is that on an superficial surface or is more than that ?

A. Agree on not, we are going to the globalisation,to be against is a lost war, need to join for survive.Italy is welcome in this procces of globalisation only because the Usa with their military bases pressed to insert we in the EU, with the Turkey will be the same , but what interest about countries without a great economy ? What interest about Romania? Do you have petrol?
Ok , then you are welcome..... do you have money to give us? ok you are welcome, and if not , well , then these will be only your problems . Why USA are still friend of the russians? Afraid of their old bombs? No, great market it's only question of money............yes you can say that it isn't right, ok I'm agree but look around you because this is what happen.

21.The nation isn't a civile society but a community gathered by the hands of fortune.Then...if exists times where the destiny doesn't have the courage to burst out on surface,we must encourage it in order to fulfill our individuality.Do you agree with this?

A.The destiny is manipulated by millions of hands, yes you can help your destiny,but someother manipule against you, the final is a compromise.

22.There's no philosophy in the Balkans.There is only nihilsm or structuralism.To refer in Balkan at a system it's ridicoulous, say the "specialist" from outside.And the most pathetics personages from this part of Europe were the communist,these "engineers of the soul"(how they were called!).The communism in the Balkans seems like a mix between an anniversary song and a funeral one.Please,tell me your opinion about the communist society!It's that an utopy or not?

A.Yes, an utopy, maybe some ideas could bee good but just like ideas, on an idealistic plain ,because the real facts are far away, their most big mistake was don't understand that the reality not was like they thought, unfortunately many people lost many years of their life and die before understand that communism was far away from the reality

23.Suiccide...it seems to be the order of the day in these years ! Have you ever think of it?One of our great romanian philosophs , Emil Cioran by his name said once that "anytime we think at suiccide it's however to late"(ha,ha!) . Can you comment on this please !

A . Suicide.................it's stupid..............yes when I was young I think to this final solution many time, but I think is the same for all young people, suicide look you like the best way for solved your problems but at last this is only your escape from life, better if you fight your problems and maybe many years after you will understand that your problems was only little problems...........only the strong survive..............yes, it's stupid now.

24. Speaking of stupid , I was always wondering who are the most dangerous people on earth , the stupid or the clevers ? This is quite a question ! As for me I incline to believe that the most dangerous ones are the stupid because they never took themselves very in serious , on the other hand we can say about the clevers that they always took themselves much too in serious , so , it's quite hard to make a difference...

A.I dont think that stupid are dangerous or better the clevers are more dangerous , hell , who knows , ahah , for many years I asked myself why I was not a stupid in different situations , like the other people , being in fact always happy and without any existentialism problems...whatever it's more easy foresee the stupid-actions .

25.It will be intrested to hear your opinions now about the recent war from Jugoslavia ! Not to mention that the italian gouvern has also some unjust actions ! You think that in some certain situations an italian gouvern can be better than more balcanical ones ? Just a general question...

A. The value and the fault of the italians is to be in the middle,everytime in the middle,we gave help to the americans but we said no to the war,no to the wrong bombs yes to the right bombs !?!?!?, no to the terrorism help to Ochalan, breath to the Somalia arms to the Etiopia, economic close with economic agree......sometime fortunately we do great things someother we lost our face.Regarding the last part of your question , no , I don't think that the italian gouvern is better than any other one ,only that they show their action better, moreover in these last 2 years we have a communist gouvern , so , we quite have something in common !

26.I will be enchanted if I'll know your opinion about the Russia; how do you see the present political situation in Russia?

A.Something is changing, hope the russian have the possibilities to take the freedom way.

27.Well,let's stop here for the moment and return to more normal questions!I hope that's allright with you!And because I see that till now I doesn't ask you anything about you new masterpieces I will ask you now to tell me some more infos regarding the new releases.

A. STORM THE PALACE - Palace of Worms Compilation -a compilation but I like think to it like a full project Eighteen bands from many different countries have contributed to this outstanding compilation which pays homage to the Dark and Middle Ages with many previously unreleased tracks. Included (amongst others) are better known bands such as Ataraxia, Autumn Tears, Mors Syphilitica, Ontario Blue (Stephen Pennick of Endvra) Penitent, The Protagonist, Stay Frightened, and Stone 588. Penitent opens with a somber, instrumental, electronic, and sinister act that may surprise many fans since Penitent used to create mainly piano music with vocals.The intro is followed by Opera Multi Steel: Nicely consistent tribal some parts to Robert Smith) and one female background vocals chant Latin lyrics from the Gloria. Ataraxia proves once again to be great Early Music composers with influence drawn from their native Italy.Rosa Crvx mix a ritualistic chant (which could also be used as a marching song in case you ever plan on going to war on a horse with aspear and in shiny armor) with a subtle, echoing guitar typical to gothic music. A lighter, more dancy rhythm by Jaramar shows that even people in the Middle Ages experienced joyous times (well, at least that is what it sounds like. Who knows, maybe the lyrics are about slaughter or famine, but I wouldn't know because they are in Spanish, so I keep on dancing to it like a little girl as if it were about a prosperous harvest) Flutes, cymbals and pipes are the dominating instruments along with male and female vocals. Much in the same vein as Jaramar, The Soil Bleeds Black continues, except their sound makes one think more of a feast at court then the medieval countryside. A female singer carols about how Luna begets Mercury.Orchestral and hymnlike Arcane Art present their lyrics in a style rather known to Metal. MorsSyphilitica contrast the previous song with a swirly and contemporary melody. Gothic/darkwave with female vocals. The sound of rain introduce tribal rhythms as Andrea Nebel Haugen's (Ex-Cradle of Filth, Aghast) Hagalaz' Runedance chants religious themes of Odhinnism. Proscriptor's bagpipes together with laughter and horseshoes on cobble stone remind of Scotland's turbulent past. This same horse also provides the vocals to the music i.e. it'sinstrumental--So, c'mon you guys, wear a kilt without underwear on a windy day; it's aaalright! XVII VIE emphasizes Karin's very dark and sensual voice over keyboard and ritualistic, threatening percussion. El Luto Del Rey Cuervo must have had either purpose c) my CD player rejects it, but this melodic, swirly gothic song crackles as if it were recorded from an old record and its volume phases in an out of the speakers. The Protagonist contributed one of his previously unreleased versions of "Hesperia" Electronic/industrial darkwave in a powerful, orchestral manner, murmurs that seem to be dark prayers and sexy vocals by Sundstrom make this a special treat. Talking about "whispered prayers" Nothvs Filivs Mortis does exactly that, slowly getting louder until they reach the peak and start over with whispers, all backed up by an obscure soundscape. Stone 588 will surprise many of their fans with this track. Not at all the traditional goth with Siouxsie vocals, but harmonic flutes, strings,some violin and Terri's much more mature and defined vocals distinguish this song from their previous work. Ontario Blue delves into one's mind with charming, echoing electronics and sensual voice similar to Brendan Perry(Dead Candance) Dark Symphonies probably already know Autumn Tears but for those of you who don't: Majestic, classically and baroque influenced orchestration with Erika's dramatic, enchanting vocals make "This... My MelancholicMasquerade" a perfect example of their albums. Stay Frightened connects toAutumn Tears so smoothly, it almost sounds like they belong together. "TheQueen of the Elves" is an instrumental, trancelike soundscape layered by a faster-paced, uplifting melody. A great ending!

28. Is Guido an materialistic person , what are money for you?

A . Money is not all..............there are also gold, silver and platinum , heeh ! What can I say is only that I'm a dreamer with the foots on theearth, and with the money you can buy your freedom ! Beside that , I have a serious job, this is a kind of hobby with the label and music,but it's thruth that for the moment I would like produce music and cover the cost, and yes if money come are welcome , but before all I want release only music that enjoy me !

29.Tell us something about the next releases of PALACE OF WORMS !

A.Well , it's too early to speak about my next releases or maybe not,anyway , they will be only available in a few month some new titles , whatever I 'm planning the acts number two of BLEEDING LIKE MINE and STAY FRIGHTENED, a new project sung in latin with members of the french band OPERA MULTI STEEL , (named O QUAM TRISTIS) a new american band named IN WINTER BLEEDING and a compilation ispired on the 22 tarot cards...too much, hope to release all before the end of this year. my dream is release all the good music that unknowed bands mail me from all over the world !

30 .I don't know near nothing about your live activities , but I wondered if there was any concerts organised by PALACE OF WORMS..,if there were any...Can you confirme my presumtion?

A. Music on POW is very emotionally,dark and melancholic, this means that the artists have the same style of life and usually to they like work alone in their studios and don't like to be in front to many people, so the live show is an event that happen very few time........whatever I'm sure that someone offer me an interesting proposal,like a POW night in a castle (gosths included), the artists will be very happy to take a part ! Anyway my time is limited, I haven't time neither for others artistical activities , such as a magazine and my band split when I started the label, usually I like work lonely so I can not do all I want, but maybe one day...who knows ? I'm open mind, every proposal is welcome...............I am very glad of having contact with other bands anc labels , but for the moment we have not planned any concert neither collaboration...........and by the way , Crowed control seems that theywill release two bands that I wanted release but at last I haven't time for them.........check their new issues , I recomand you.I'm interested in good music, unknow or named is the same, I like let the peopleknow new music, I done a radio show for ten years for this reason.

31.Can you suggest what music people will listen in the next century?

A. I don't know, I'm afraid that will be only commercial music . And I am afraid that my audience will be every day less.

32 .How do you see yourself in 20 years from now?

A. A young grandfather around the world ; a pretty good image you might say , don't you ?

33. I think that there are quite a few of individs who would like to know what are your all time fave ! You think that you can bring a little over this subject ?

A.Eheh.......I like play gothic in the club shows, medieval- etno-arab music for radio show, sinthpop under the shower,indie alternative when drive......I like a lot of music....my prefered cd are "ScaryMonsters" and "Lodger" (D.Bowie),"Remain In Light " (Talking Heads).....all Cure , Joy Division, Sister of Mercy....Legendary Pink Dots.....Depeche Mode.....Einsturzende Neubauten...and many others.

34.It is said that there it is not losers neither winner,but only survivers.Punished by the Gods for unrespected their words,Sisyphe it is condamnated for eternity to push the huge rock up the mountains.I think that every man has his own "rock".Which it'syour"rock"? You consider yourself punished by somethingSuperior beside us?

A.If my rock is planet earth, I'm happy to be punished , but if not...!

35.That was all my friend,I appologies if my questions has bored you , hopefully not , your last words...

A. Thanks to you and your readers, I'm sorry for some short answers but my english is not so good, sometime is very hard to me explane my thought not in italian, hope you understand well who I'm and what I think.................

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