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l Could you tell me something about your personal and spiritual background?

My spiritual reference are linked to the past in that period in which heroism and respect were parts of life,i believe in honesty and sincerity. now,all of this has been destroyed by modern world and materialist.Now we are in a situation in which an honest person must suffer.This isn't my time.

2. Could you tell me something about the start and the developement of RUNES ORDER?

The project started in the far 1988 but at the beginning it was just industrial music never publish (until now). In the 1990, choose to put all the past experiences about experimental,electronic music creating the label "Hate" and the projeckt "Order 1968" change in Runes Order in the 1992. The edge followed from the beginning has been the whole freedom of composition.

3. RUNES ORDER started under the name ORDER 1968. Why did you change the name?

Term 1968 was a reference about my birth and order that i would like to absence but it look like a rarity!? Runes Order reflects my vision: Pagan order.

4. Could you tell me something about your relationship referring runes Does runes affect your our life in some way?

Runes symbols are the only things which remain the past,the rage. Following pagan religion has been important for me.I'm a foregner in my society.I belong the past.I don't want to say anymore,just:respect gods!

5. What do you like to express with your music?

Music we perform is just to create again sensations we invade, fear. sadness and melancholy are some of the beginning references during the song's composition. 10 years ago it was cosmic music.Now we create a mixing of symphonic and decadent music.Really "warrior" music for lost causes.

6. What inspires and/or influences you?

The most important influence which acts on Runes Order is electronic music.I just tell you five our favourite relcods:In the nursery "L'esprit", Tangerine dream "Ricochet", Sol invictus "In the rain", Will "pearl of great price",Kirlian camera "Schmerz".

7 Could you tell me background informations about each of your releases?

Order 1968
Guerrieri del nord k7(Hate)
Tears in the snow k7(Hate)
Misoginia e decadenza k7(Hate)
Il giardino delle rune k7(Hate)
Runes order
The dream door k7(Hate)
No future k7(Hate)
White secrets k7(Old europa cafe)
La seduzione del silenzio k7(Hate)
Dawn of new past k7(Hate)
Quadrimensional noisescape k7(Allegorical)
Electronic winter landscape k7(Slaughter prod.)
The age of corruption and gold k7(Maldoror tapes)
Velvet sky k7(Hate)
120 minutes.... k7(Olde europa cafe)
I can see no reason k7(Olde europa cafe)
Winter cd(Sempiterna mutatio)
The land of the silence cd(Sempiterna mutatio)
A time for hate k7(Helter skelter)
Odisseum cd(Sempiterna mutatio)
2022 k7(Hate)
Room 39 k7(Slaughter prod)
Waiting foreve cd(Palace of worms)
Collaboration with Die sonne satan:Atom infant incubator Copula cd(Sempiterna mutatio)
with Alio Die and roberto serra:5000 spirit Tapestry for sourceres cd(Sempiterna mutatio)

8. Which music do you prefer to listen to personally?

I have got different musical interests, if we do not consider the following styles (rap,black music,funky) we like to listen various kinds of music.We do prefer emotional and dramatic music.But most of all the music which goes from 70's to the end of the 80's.During this last period I listen a lot of death metal, I adore the energy and violence which are in it, if have to quote some bands I've been deeply flashing by the cd of "Il segno del comando" a dark progressive band from Genova with which i use to play.Renato (the vocalist), Teo (the guitarist) and me we are making songs under the name "Helden rune".

9. Which are your future plans?

The next future projects are the promotion of the new cd "Waiting forever", much more charaterized by rhythm and at the same time it will be atmosheric.The importance of the voice is much considered than before.This record include two tracks realized with Diego Merletto of the Frozen autumn, another band we really appreciate.
A remix version of "La seduzione del silenzio" (the track) on a compilation on "20th century music" label ,a sampler dedicate to space music.A collaboration on the future album of Limbo,Die sonne satan and the new chapter of the project called Atom infant incubator.

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