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  • Second Skin

interviewed by "Grave Concerns E-Zine"

Interviewer: Marcos Massarri


This band was born of several bands in the mid 90's. A collective of members raised on a culmination of punk aggression, early Gothic sensibility and Death Rock driven passions. From it's inception singer / songwriter Arron has pushed Second Skin to the limits with it's hard rhythmic beats and dark backdrops that sometimes paint a vivid picture of the world inside the heart... and outside the Flesh.

Over the years Second Skin has been heard on over twenty different compilations on over 11 different labels. Most notably "Goth Oddity" a Bowie tribute that included the Second Skin cover of "Let's Dance" as well as the club singles "Sweet Nothing", "Club Sexxx" and "Liberata Me".

The single "Liberata Me" inspired the award winning movie of the same name. A cameo performance of the band can be seen in this dark thriller. Liberata Me also boast the instrumental "Trance" which debut as a hidden track on the bands best selling album "Choir Invisible.

After many national tours, and international reviews and interviews Second Skin moves into a new phase with the much awaited release of "Black Eyed Angel". This two disc CD yields such strong Darkwave songs as "Still My Love", "I the East" and "Voo Doo Doll". Black Eyed Angel is a hard hitting ride with masterful guitar work by Mark Cady, the angelic backing vocals of Lizzy and uncompromising lyrics delivered by Arron in true Second Skin fashion.

2005 will see Second Skin in Europe, we invite you all on the ride -


GC: First off how are all of you? Please introduce the latest line up.

Arron: The newest line up to Second Skin is Arron ( Vocals, bass, programming ) Mark Kitty Cady ( Guitars ) Lizzy ( Backing Vocals ).

GC: After a somewhat mysterious hiatus how did Second Skin get back into the light?

Arron: I wish It were more mysterious... like... we were of doing battle with a rival Vampire clan, or working days @ hot topic and nights @ Starbucks- But alas, Second Skin has been working this whole time but in different mediums. We were in a gothic thriller titled "Liberata Me" after one of our songs. Also I co-stared in a movie called "Children of the Arcana" a sort of Twighlight zone style movie. Both of them earned best short at the New York Film festival. Along the way we have done a number of singles for different compilations. All the while putting together this new album.

GC: Why did you sign up with Italian label Palace of Worms who are known more for their neo medieval and ethereal leanings? (ironically, I did a piece on Guido and can be seen at www.graveconcernsezine.com -M)

Arron: We have had a long standing friend ship with Guido from POW. He heard the new album and was surprised it had been sitting around without a label for the better part of a year... When a German deal fell through he made an offer, and things have worked out better than both of us expected. besides... he pays us in Red wine

GC: "Black Eyed Angel" seems to have a much crisper production value on it than your debut cd from a few years back. Was this new record approached differently than "Choir Invisible" as far as the music aspect was concerned?

Arron: "Black Eyed Angel" was recorded all digital, gave it a more sterile sound... maybe too clean? Also the new album had a more clear cut direction not as experimental.

GC: I feel your strong and electric lyricism has always made Second Skin stand out from the herd. What are your latest views and concerns on the gothic and darkwave music scene?

Arron: My only real concern is the need for people in the scene to cut up everything into sub-genre. Good music is good music. Guitar, no guitar, drums or drum machine... butter or margarine-

GC: What have you yourselves been listening to lately?

Arron: Old school punk Mentors, T.S.O.L, subhumans, gen-X. Also new Laibach, Bowie, And Also the Trees, and Moby.

GC: I read on your site you'll be hitting Europe. Where in particular and where overseas have you gotten the most positive response?

Arron: Italy, Germany and Poland....... Iraq?

GC: Any plans to perform on the East Coast?

Arron: We are in talks to go on the road with Ev-Voto in the Fall. This should get us up east if Europe does not happen first. If all else fails we will head line in our living room.

GC: Are you hoping to pursue more music videos to promote the band?

Arron: We are in the story board phase of another video for the next album which we are about to start recording-

GC: What keeps you all motivated to keep pushing forward?

Arron: Pain killers, coffee, Adult Swim, fire arms, and the love of a good woman.

GC: Something else you'd like to add?

Arron: We are very thankful for all the support over the years and we know "Black Eyed Angel" will be worth your while!

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