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Colors Hidden Within The Gray +3 Bonus Tracks
Double Vinyl Limite edition
150 copies Black vinyl  25
+ shipping
150 copies Clear vinyl
  28 + shipping

After the highly acclaimed 2018 comeback release "The Origin of Sleep" CD EP, AUTUMN TEARS returns our first full length album in 11 years, "Colors Hidden Within The Gray". The album features a full orchestral ensemble including ethnic instruments such as bagpipes, kamancheh and bansuri, as well as the amazing lead vocal talents of Irish singer / songwriter Brona McVittie, and former RAIN FELL WITHIN (USA) lead vocalist Dawn Desiree Smith, known for her powerful, intense operatic vocal style.

Among the 30+ talented musicians featured will be again be veteran French horn player John Clark, harpist Tom Moth from Florence and the Machine, original Autumn Tears members (vocalist Jennifer Judd and woodwind player Terran Olson), and percussionist Matthias Borgh from Arcana (Swe). The album will be mastered by renowned German film composer Olaf Parusel, best known for his legendary neoclassical act sToa (Ger).

This album is dedicated to the late Jóhann Jóhannsson - composer, artist and visionary.
released April 30th, 2019

Composition, arrangements, lyrics, piano: Ted Tringo
Lead / backing vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Brona McVittie
Lead / backing vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Dawn Desiree Smith
Lead / backing vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Nathan Nasby
Lead / backing vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Beraud
Lead / backing vocals, vocal arrangements: Jennifer Judd
Lead Violin and string arrangements: Brian Schmidt
Lead Violin and string arrangements: Julian Spiro
Viola: Kelly Ralston
Cello: Luke Payne
Cello: Molly Leigh Jones
Flute, Clarinet: Terran Olson
Clarinet: MaryBeth Kern
French Horn: John Clark
Trumpet: Chad Bell
Trombone: Victor Fuenmayor
Harp: Tom Moth
Snare drums: George Ball
Timpani: Germàn Domador
Kamancheh on "A Pulse in the Celestial Sphere": Amir Mofrat
Trombone on "The Grieving" and "The Day of Wrath": Petar Milanovic
Cello on "Colors Hidden Within the Gray", "The Grieving", and "Another Day": Chris Abeel
Cello on "In Remembrance"..: Christine Hardigan
Spiccato Cello on "Rainlight ascension": Charlot Rivero
Spiccato Cello on "Colors Hidden Within The Gray": Isobel Alsup
Classical Guitar on "The Impressionist": Oleg Maximov
Bansuri on Drift: Josh Plotner
Spiccato cello on "In Remembrance": Carolina Teruel
Medieval bagpipes on "In Remembrance": Simon Blum
Medieval bagpipes on "In Remembrance": Steeven Didier
Medieval bass drum on "In Remembrance": Charlotte Reckinger
Floor toms on "In Remembrance": Benjamin Wanschoor
Snare drum on "In Remembrance": Mattias Borgh
Bagpipes, toms and bass drums on "In Remembrance" engineered by Manon Deltombe
Artwork: Graszka Paulska
All tracks mastered by Olaf Parusel except "Drift" mastered by Ted Tringo

1    A Pulse In The Celestial Sphere Part 1 - Astral Murmur    1:28
2    A Pulse In The Celestial Sphere Part 2 - A Stream of Higher Consciousness    1:48
3    A Pulse In The Celestial Sphere Part 3 - A Birth In The Aether    1:03
4    The Day Of Wrath    5:42
5    The Grieving    5:17
6    Rainlight Ascension    6:51
7    The Impressionist    6:42
8    Prodigy    4:00
9    Drift    4:34
10    In Remebrance    4:06
11    The Earth Song    5:28
12    Colors Hidden Within The Gray    4:23
13    What We Have Become    7:47
14    Another Day    4:41
15    Rainlight Ascension (Demo Bonus Track)    6:57
15    In Remembrance (Demo
Bonus Track)    4:05
17    Colours Hidden Within The Gray (Demo
Bonus Track)    4:25


The Celebration of The WolfGoat
The Seventh Thelema Album

SONGS OF DARKNESS AND DISMAY FOR A NEW GENERATION YET UNBORN “Screaming from Hell” In 2012 Thelema Founding Fathers Giorgio “Wicked” Parmigiani and Massimo “Stuart” Mantovani began working of some tracks which, for their aesthetical and conceptual traits, couldn't be included in the “231” album Thelema were recording at the time. Little by little the tunes took a life of their own, and developed into a full set of eleven songs, absolutely complete in itself. This new project, aptly begun on December 22nd, 2012, was named, after the personal life experiences of the individuals who created it, WOLFGOAT. Even more aptly, the recordings were completed on December 22nd, 2013. About the music… THE CELEBRATION OF THE WOLFGOAT is strongly linked to Thelema's BURNT MEMORIES album, some kind of a comeback to ambient moods after the more rock-oriented LA SANGRE REAL.
THE WOLFGOAT is a concept album, where the lyrics tell the story of a damned and tormented soul. Autobiography or autohagiography?, Massimo jokingly says that the album could have been subtitled “ONE YEAR IN THE LIFE OF THELEMA”, even if the longish “SONGS OF DARKNESS AND DISMAY FOR A NEW GENERATION YET UNBORN” was chosen (and those who spot all the quotes win something signed by our heroes). Esoteric hints are scattered among the songs, as always, but this time they are part of a tale, an adventure in existence. As a matter of fact Massimo's lyrics have never been so explicit: his voice tells, prays, denies, declares, claims and apologizes for love, hate, life, anger, tenderness, sex and anything that makes us (a little more than) animals, whilst Giorgio's music weaves a fabric which perfectly supports
the final screaming of a disillusioned and (self) deceived LUV. Someone has killed a soul, & naught remains.
In L.V.X.,
Frater A. 365
PS: What? The best songs? Your pick, all this shit is great…

CD album 12€ + Shipping (6,60 for Europe - 9,50 rest of the world)

Intro to Celebration of the Wolfgoat    3:25
Shithead    5:59
Prayer    5:40
The Raven    5:30
Remember Me    4:54
Pentagram    4:34
Here She Comes    5:22
A.A.    5:31
Sex Symphony    5:51
You Came Back    6:29
The Beat Goes On

cd live
30th Anniversary Acoustic Live

Intro    3:33
Tears of Jerusalem    5:05
Face of the Angel    5:32
Ritual    5:25
Phoenix mass    3:58
Glory of the Hawk    2:46
Blissfully Peaceful    5:08
Sweet Submission    3:00
Down in a Hole    2:41
The Wheel    4:19
A.A.    5:30
Red Eyes, Blue Eyes    3:28
Tantra    4:59
Return to the East    3:44

cd download
Muthant vs Thelema
Kubla Khan:The Remixes

Juice of Life LOU
Magick ExtM
Ritual MMA
 Before the Threshold CKTC
Kubla Khan NMH
Blissfully Peaceful MULTI
My Angel, My Angel TbN
Night of Pan DotH
The Rain Poured Down Cmix
The Glory of the Hawk VOTA
We all laid down Wolfgoat Mix
New dawn Soundtrack Mix

The limited edition of 100 numbered copies will be available
only from Pow/ Torredei Records or live presentation shows
Includes the standard cd, plus live acoustic album recorded during the 30th Anniversary Acoustic Show, with all the best tracks from the band, plus
download link for The Remixes Album by Muthant.

The limited edition will be only available on pre-order
and the price is fixed at 25 Euro + Shipping.
Shipping to Europe   Registered 10.20 €
Shipping to Worldwide, Registered only 14.84 €

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Standard cd jewel case edition will be available from 07.11.2017
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